Kickboxing Grading Syllabus

Gradings are held throughout the year, you will always be learning & practising  techniques you should know for the gradings in classes. However, during the last 2-3 weeks prior to the gradings being held, we will give you chance to run through the specific combinations & work on any areas that you / we feel need improving.

Order of Belts

Red - Yellow - Orange - Green - Blue - Purple - Brown - Black

Please be aware of:

  • Purple - Brown Belt: requires a MINIMUM of 6 Months Training between gradings.
  • Brown - Black Belt: requires a MINIMUM of 12 Months Training between gradings.
  • Just because you have met the time requirements does not mean you are ready to grade, you have to put the work to prove your are ready!
New Grading Syllabus.pdf