Kickboxing Grading Syllabus

Gradings are held twice a year, you will always be learning & practising  techniques you are required to know for the gradings in classes. However, during the last 2-3 weeks prior to the gradings being held, we will give you chance to run through the specifics of the grading & work on any areas that you / we feel need improving.

Order of Belts

Red - Yellow - Orange - Green - Blue - Purple - Brown - Black

Please be aware of:

  • Red - Purple Belt: requires a MINIMUM of 3 Months Training between gradings.

  • Purple - Brown Belt: requires a MINIMUM of 6 Months Training between gradings.

  • Brown - Black Belt: requires a MINIMUM of 12 Months Training between gradings.
  • Just because you have met the time requirements does not mean you are ready to grade, you have to put the work to prove your are ready!

Upon signing up to the club we will send you a copy of the full syllabus to read through & practice.